Engagement Session Tips

We have lots of favorite places and can suggest a spot based and your personality. We also love to explore and visit new locations. Did you meet at a coffee shop? Have a favorite park or beach? Let us know where is special for you.

You can schedule your session anytime before your wedding. Processing and edits will be completed within 2-3 weeks after your session. Scheduling should be planned accordingly if you plan to use engagement photos for announcements, invitations etc.

What to wear:
Most important, be comfortable and feel confident! You and your fiancé do not have to match, rather be comfortable and compliment one another. If you prefer patterns your fiancé can wear a solid. It’s ok to be creative and your personality who’ll shine through. 

Family & Baby tips

Babies and children can be unpredictable and excitable. That is how they are made. We know this and it’s one of the many things we love about tiny humans. Do NOT stress because I promise we aren’t. We have been there with our own children, a smile to a meltdown in 2.2 seconds and back again. We KNOW. Focus on the love you have for your family and relax. Embrace the unpredictability and lets just have fun.  Your children will sense your mood so focus on the fun ahead.

Having fun means let loose and don’t over plan. We know you have a vision for your session so tell us what is most important to you. Is it a family or a sibling photo? A favorite outfit or sentimental item? Our goal is to make sure your vision is reached. We also know that children and parents can become overwhelmed with trying to fit in a long checklist of poses and props.  Let’s pick your top priorities to one or two things and let’s the rest happen organically. These spontaneous shots show off your unique personalities and tend to be the most cherished photos.

Arrive early. This ensures your session starts on time and allows you to be more relaxed.  This will give you time to make any adjustments to your outfits, tidy up hair & makeup and give your little one a few minutes to stretch after the car ride.

Plan your outfit(s) in advance. This will remove the stress of “what to wear” on picture day. Layers are great for creating multiple looks with out having to change your entire outfit. For very small children bringing an extra outfit is great for a backup in case of small spills or mishaps. Life happens so a little prep goes a long way. Remember don’t stress.

Sleepy or "hangry" families aren’t the most relaxed families.  Make sure little ones are well rested and not hungry. Plan a small snack before your session and be mindful of your littles nap schedule when planning your session.  Well rested and fed children (moms & dads too) are a must


Pick the right time of your pregnancy. Typically in your 7th-8th month your belly will have a nice full shape. Bring your ultrasound for photos with momma and baby. 

A Maternity session doesn’t have to be just momma. We can include dad, siblings or family members to showcase your growing family like past, present and future generations.  If you plan on showing your bare belly wear loose fitting clothing to avoid elastic/clothing marks. The same applies to feet and arms, wear loose shoes and remove tight watches/brackets a few hours before your session

Wedding day tips

For sweetheart neck lines or strapless gowns: wear a sports bra during the day to avoid “bra strap” lines on your shoulders when you put your dress on
Consider a wooden hanger or custom personalized hanger for your dress (these photograph well)
Gather your personal & and fun items before your big day. This will make photographing these items quickly and stress free.

Personal & fun items might be:
Something blue, something borrowed, cuff links, rings, letters, gifts, memorial items, invitations, cultural items, any other unique or sentimental items that are dear to you